Friday, March 14, 2014


Some other happenings around here during the past few weeks.....
We bought a gently used dryer from Craigslist.  We haven't owned a dryer in almost 2 years but I knew it was time.  I've loved hanging laundry to dry and using an indoor drying rack in the winter.... but with a new puppy and being so busy with daycare this year, I was finding hanging laundry to be a chore instead of soothing.  
Now I can hang my laundry on the line when I want to and use the dryer when I'm running low on time.
Another bonus is that the kids can do their own laundry now.  That's a huge bonus and an important life skill.  Charlotte teased that she'd planned on bringing her dirty laundry home for me to wash when she was a grown up. Cheeky girl.

Can you tell which parent picked which component for this meal?  Pizza crackers a la Daddy and green beans a la Momma.  All in all... a pretty meal for a weekend.

My sisters sets up a baby monitor and her webcam when her ewes are getting ready to lamb so she can keep an eye on them from work.  I got to watch one of her ewes lamb from our computer a few weeks ago! It was very exciting.  Katie is such a great shepherd. She jumped in there and helped her ewe with the birth like it was just another day.  

Jon taught the kids how to play chess.

Evan got a minor virus the week before Charlotte did.  He got the luxury of all-day TV. 

Jon has been hard at work putting up fence posts.  He's put 11 4x4 posts into cement and countless t-posts have been pounded into the ground. 

He's also been clearing some brush from a few spots he didn't get to this fall to make room for posts and fencing.

We got this snow and sleet 4 days before the ice storm.  We've been yo-yo'ing between 70* and snow/ice the past few weeks. It's hard to know how to dress any given day.

Polly likes to play with her toys near me while I work.  She was playing with her alligator and I called her name. This is her happy face.  Have I mentioned how much I love this dog?

Poor Charlotte sleeping while she was sick this past week.  I'm so glad she's completely better now. 

Jon got published!!!! Two of his saxophone compositions got published by a local publisher and now band directors can buy them and have their groups play Jon's music.  He got the copies in the mail the other day.  Very exciting. I'm so proud of him.

Polly and I were practicing "loose leash walking" in the park the other day. Here we were waiting and watching kids play in the distance.  We didn't get closer then that on this day since that was as close as she could get without wanting to go play with them. Polly is wearing her new "Halti Harness" to help keep her from pulling while she learns. It's wonderful.

She wanted to play in the stream but it was too cold.

The great thing about all that practice walking in the park.... a tired puppy.

You can't see Charlotte's face but she was giggling.  Polly was kissing her neck.

Charlotte has become a natural with dog training. She has great timing and a good serious voice.  Here, Batgirl was practicing Polly's "fetch" skills. Polly is sitting and waiting for Charlotte to throw the ball.

My orchid is blooming again.  It's always amazing to me when I can get a house plant to survive my inattention but since orchids only like to be watered occasionally, it's done great in my house.  The blooms make the kitchen very cheerful. 


katiegirl said...

I'm amazed at Jon's work ethic with that fencing! He's done a superb job. It's neat to see all those little posts lined up waiting for fencing. And that is so awesome he got published! It's neat seeing his music like that!

Charlotte seems like such a good puppy trainer. Polly is too cute giving Charlotte kisses like that.

And it's neat to see that pic of the "sheep cam" like that!

Momma/Deb said...

It really is wonderful to see Jon taking such pride in his home! What a joy that must be for you all! Congrats on being published too Jon! I love seeing Polly fit in so well and being so attached to you! She's such a pretty and loveable pup! What a relief that the kids are feeling better. I love the one of Evan all tucked into the couch. I want that treatment when I'm sick! Great photos of a full life! Love and hugs, Momma Yay Orchid! Surviving in Becky's house of botanical neglect!!

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