Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ice Storm

Friday at 2am, I woke up to a silent house.  It's very strange to not hear the buzz of a house.  Charlotte woke up too and armed with a flashlight, she went back to bed.  After I took Polly out to potty in the pouring sleet (does sleet pour?), I gathered our lanterns, flashlights, and candles.  We only own 3 candles.  I'm not a huge fan of candles but I can say they're very handy when the electricity goes out.  After my supplies were gathered, I went back to bed. 
The kids woke up at 5:30 and were very excited about the adventure of no electricity.  They've only experienced it a few times for only a short amount of time.

Once the sun came up, I went outside to survey the damage.  I had to be careful because the sleet was continuing to add ice to the trees and limbs were falling constantly.  The "pop, pop, crash" sound was one I hadn't heard since the ice storm we had when I was a teenager.  This was the view in front of my neighbor's house.  A tree brought down their power line and an ambulance was trying to get though.  They detoured through a different neighbor's driveway and soon after a tree company came and cut the tree from the road.

Our bamboo looked like a tidal wave. Luckily it perked back up after a few days.

It was beautiful and dangerous at the same time.  The freezing rain continued through the day and the ice finally got to 1/2" thick on the trees. 

Poor Charlotte came down with a virus and spent the day on the couch.  Being sick is a bummer when there's no TV to watch.

Poor Bluebird getting out of the sleet. The trees were too slippery to sit in.


Jon got bored and started peeling the top layer of wallpaper off the dining room and hallway walls. 

Evan worked on a wall in the kitchen.  The wallpaper underneath might be even uglier....if that's possible.

Then they got to work on the hallway.  I think they filled 3 kitchen trash bags with wallpaper that day.  Now we have to get the backing paper off so we'll be ready to paint. 

I was restless all day but I did find time to sit and knit with Polly beside me. It's hard to relax when trees are falling, your child is sick, and there's no electricity.

The limbs really started falling later in the day as the ice got thicker and heavier.

This tree in our side yard lost a lot of branches.  Luckily it's not close to our house.

  It smelled like a lumber yard outside with all the freshly exposed wood.

Our Pin Oak in the side yard lost a lot of branches too.  Many of them are broken only partially and are hanging high up in the air. It might be time to call a tree company.

We didn't start a fire in our woodstove because we only had enough wood left for one or two nights.  We bundled up and it got chilly in the house but we were hanging in there.  While I was out taking pictures, I talked to my neighbor who was concerned when he didn't see smoke coming out of our chimney.  I told him we were tough and we'd be okay. 

Well, he showed up at our door shortly after and said the neighbor to the other side of him had plenty of wood and wanted to share some with us.  Jon went over to help her load the wood onto her 4-wheeler.  We were so grateful.  Our house went from 57* to 68* in only an hour after getting the fire going.  It was nice to be warm and cozy again.  I baked both neighbors cheesecakes this past weekend to thank them. 

Thanks to the subscription of Highlights that Aunt Sue gets the kids, their new issue kept them busy for a while.

Jon was able to get out of the driveway and find a Walmart with power so he bought a few groceries and bags of ice to fill a cooler so we could keep our fridge food from going bad.  He got a lot of hotdogs and roasted them over the fire.  The heat was too much for his face after a few minutes though.  That woodstove can really put out some heat.

Jon brought back a few cans of Chef Boyardee and I warmed some up for Evan on the stove.  He hated it (having never tried it before) so it got thrown away. I think he opted for a hotdog instead.  It was neat being able to warm food on the stove though.  The stoneware pan has water in it so we'd have warm water for washing up.

Jon took our tiny skillet and made himself very slow cooked bacon and eggs later that night.  It took a long time to cook but he said it tasted great.

Since the living room was the warmest room in the house, we all camped out in there for bedtime.  The kids each had a crib mattress and Jon and I each took a couch.

Polly laid with me for a while but then I put her in her crate near me. 

Jon and I woke up at 11pm to the hum of electricity.  I can't describe the happiness I felt.  I didn't like not knowing how long we'd have to camp out.  I wanted to be able to cook and clean up and have our normal family rhythm.  I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to having my routine shaken up.  I need to bend a bit more like that bamboo.

It took a few more days for our phone and internet to come back on but really, we were the lucky ones.  There are people still without power, 5 days later.  Our neighbors only got power back on last night. 
I hope it's a very long time before we see ice like that again.


Grammy said...

That was a lot of ice. It sure made a mess and beautiful at the same time,

katiegirl said...

Wow, those pictures are so pretty. I haven't seen ice like that in a long time! I'm so glad you guys got power back so quickly. I loved seeing the pictures and how you spent your time!

Momma/Deb said...

You sure did get hit much harder than we did! It's like a shiny wonderland in those photos!! I guess the reality of losing power is not fun. I remember from Chingville - 5 looonnngg days! You all had an adventure but one you don't want to do again anytime soon!! I am glad you all were resourceful!! The kids will always remember it! Love and warm hugs, Momma

Linda said...

So glad it was only for a short time. Your pictures are beautiful.

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