Monday, January 23, 2012

Jon's Roller Coaster

Jon's surprise gift from me this Christmas was a K-Nex Roller Coaster kit. Jon loves roller coasters so I thought he'd like to have one of his own. A few days after Christmas, he spent 8 hours putting it together.

The pieces are teeny, tiny. Surprisingly, the kit was rated for ages 9 and up. Not sure what 9 year old would have been able to put this one together.

Jon loved it though and he snapped these "time lapse" picture to show his progress.

Almost done!

He did it! What a cool coaster! It works perfectly and it's so fun to watch the little car zip around the track. I see on Amazon that there are a ton of these coaster kits. Maybe this could become a yearly tradition.



Aunt Sue said...

Way Too Cool. Great job brother

Grammy said...

Grewat Job That car really goes fast

Grammy said...

Great Job:::::::

katiegirl said...

That coaster is awesome, and I'm impressed he was able to even assemble it!

Deb said...

What a fun and complicated thing to make! Way to go Roller Coaster Guy!! Love, Deb/Mom

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