Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eight Wonderful Years

Today Jon and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. I feel like I've won the lottery with such a wonderful husband. He's supportive, understanding, funny, spontaneous, and loving. These past 8 years have flown by. This was our engagement picture. We were 23. That Becky didn't know how amazing her children were going to be.
This is a picture from our Honeymoon in Disney World. This Becky didn't know that it was possible to love her husband more then she did at that moment.

This picture was taken a few months ago. I may not know what the next 8 years holds for me but I know how grateful I am for what I have right now.


katiegirl said...

Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple! I love seeing the pictures of you two. I'm glad to have such a great brother in law. I wish you both many more happy years together!

Run Lori Run said...

Congratulations! What a sweet post!

Mark said...

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!! When I first met you two, you were just a couple of crazy kids barely starting your family. Now look what you've done!!!!! ;-)

Congratulations 8 times !!

Deb said...

How cute to see that picture from so long ago! I didn't realize that you both have grown from kids to a wonderful family - all in 8 years! You are both such special people!! I am so glad you found each other and wish you all the very best life to last for eternity! You make wonderful grandkids too! Love you, Momma

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