Monday, October 20, 2014

Simple Roasted Garlic Hummus

I made hummus this weekend and it was so good that I wanted to blog the recipe before I forgot how I made it.  I don't claim that this recipe is traditional but it was delicious and very inexpensive so that's all that matters to me. 
 Roasted garlic and a big pot of cooked garbanzo beans
 The equipment... plus a batgirl cape and a paper bag pumpkin.

Roasted Garlic Hummus

Start with:
1 can of garbanzo beans or 1 1/2 cups cooked beans

For each 1 1/2 cups of beans add:
*1/4 cup olive oil (or whatever oil you like)
*3/4 tsp. salt
*a few cloves of roasted garlic** (the whole head of garlic was enough for a quadruple batch of hummus)
*enough water (~1/4 cup) to blend smoothly

**directions on how to roast garlic here

Add everything to a blender or food processor and blend until very smooth.  Serve or refrigerate until later.

My pound of dry garbanzo beans yielded 6 cups of cooked beans so I made a quadruple batch of hummus and froze some for later.

I read somewhere that it's best to cover hummus with a thin layer of olive oil before freezing.  Ignore the huge bowl of grits in the background.

The best part is that the rest of my family doesn't like hummus so I get to eat all of this wonderful stuff all by myself!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekly Chronicle - It's Back

In an effort to keep up with my blog, I'll be bringing back the Weekly Chronicle.... a quick recap of the happenings from that week.  
My camera died a month or so ago and I'm so grateful my sister loaned me her old one until we can save up for a new camera. Thanks, Katie!
I have the same breakfast every morning. This keeps my stomach from getting upset.  I have a frozen smoothie based on a basic recipe but I change things up every once in a while.  I always start with a frozen banana, a spoonful of peanut butter, a small spoonful of cocoa powder, and almond milk.  Then I add whatever other fruits or vegetables I have in the freezer.  The smooth above has some frozen spinach added.  The smoothie below has a few cherries and some pumpkin puree.  The smoothies are so good and keep me full for about 4 hours. 

The marching band is off to a great start this year! Last night they won 1st place music and 1st place percussion!

My new favorite bread recipe. I'll post it soon.

My whole life I've been operating under the assumption that I hate avocados.  I don't know why. I was just sure of it... until this past week.  I bought an avocado, toasted up some bread, spread 1/4 of the avocado on it and topped it with a good sprinkle of salt.  It was delicious! Silly me. The avocado was so creamy and buttery. The salt on top is a must.  It's my new favorite snack/lunch! 
 Jon is restacking his wood pile into "Wood Houses"... round wood stacks that are self supporting.  We did this with our firewood this year and it's worked really well.  The wood he's stacking will be ready to burn next year.

 Maple Pumpkin Scones.
We're loving tortillas lately... as burritos, quesadillas, and even as a quick pizza crust.  Yesterday I made a triple batch of whole wheat tortillas.  Most of them will go in the freezer for a quick meal on a busy night. 

Evan is sick this weekend with a headache and fever.  He's couch surfing and watching as much TV as he wants (the rule in this house when you have a fever).  Hopefully his fever will break soon and he'll be running around the house again.  

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Whole Decade Old

Charlotte turned 10 yesterday.  It's hard to believe our girl is a whole decade old. We had to buy two number candles for the first time this year.  She was excited to be able to have a friend birthday party on her actual birthday.  
 She wanted me to surprise her for breakfast and I think the sprinkles on the waffles did it.  Waffles and sausage were a good start to the day.

 The highlight of the morning present unwrap was the Batgirl nightgown from Aunt Katie.
 She requested a chocolate with vanilla icing Batgirl cake.  So out came the piping bags and star tips.

 Jon got the yard ready. Thank goodness the weather was nice enough to have the party outside.  He decided to chop down the dead sunflowers and zinnias before the party.  I need to come up with a fall/winter plan for this huge flower bed.

 One of my daycare moms is a high school art teacher. She had 3 of her students paint Charlotte a Joker face on poster board so the kids could throw water balloons at it.  I thanked the art students by baking them some brownies.

 I surprised Charlotte by inviting her best friend from our old house to her birthday party. She was very happily surprised.
 Pin the Batman symbol on the Batman outline.

 Defeat Joker by throwing superhero balloons at him!
 This young lady had an amazing arm! Do you see the water splashing off of Joker's face?
 Uh oh... 2 Batmans.  This was a very big deal to Batman #1. Batman #2 was much more easy going.
 Pop the balloons using your super strength to get to the candy inside. The kids were much faster at popping the balloons then I thought they'd be.

 It was so windy that I couldn't get the candles lit.  We had to pretend.

 Lots of running and superhero action after cake and ice cream.

Our Superheroes (with grumpy Batman #1 hiding behind Charlotte).

Charlotte had a great time and was completely exhausted after her party.  She said she had a wonderful birthday.  My superhero mission accomplished. 

Happy Birthday, our wonderful girl! 

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Rest Of August

 A huge pot of sauce featuring garden tomatoes... straight from the freezer... with the skins on.  Based very loosely on this recipe.
 Just use your immersion blender at the end to blend up the tomato skins.
 Lots of sauce to put in the freezer for quick meals.  I still prefer the taste of tomato paste based sauce (versus fresh tomatoes) but I find if I mix this sauce 1/2 and 1/2 with my regular recipe, it's wonderful.

 Chocolate wafers.

 Jon's birthday cake this year.  He wanted a Neapolitan ice cream cake. So, I baked a round brownie in a springform pan as a base and then layered vanilla ice cream and strawberry ice cream on top. All topped with whipped cream for frosting.  It was devoured very quickly.

 We had a birthday taco party and campfire. A few of his former students turned band helpers came over to help us celebrate.

 The big "Before School" room clean up.  It was desperately needed.

 Hours and hours of work.  I was very proud of the kids. They decided to donate or sell a lot of their unused toys. They simply had WAY too much stuff.

 Charlotte's closet is now super hero headquarters.

 Evan's is finally sorted and organized.
 There's actual carpet in Evan's room!

 And you can walk through Charlotte's room without injury. A major accomplishment.

 More tiny garden watermelons. I'm so sad they're gone.  So delicious.

 Nope, not mayo or a new smoothie.... Laundry soap! It's thick but so far it's doing a great job at only about a penny a load!

 Homemade vanilla wafers

A poodle owning friend mailed this too me. Too funny.  Polly has become quite protective of our house. Maybe I should hang this on the front gate....

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