Monday, September 8, 2014

Second Half Of Summer Catch Up & Late Summer Garden

 Well, school has started and we've started our busy season.  I can't believe I have a 1st grader and a 4th grader!
I'm back to work doing daycare during the day for teacher's children so my time in the garden is very limited.  Looking back though these pictures sure makes me anxious to get back in the garden. Maybe this weekend.....

So, pretend it's late July-Mid August please....

 My version of cucumber salad. A huge bowl of sliced cucumbers, a cup of mayo, 1/4 cup sugar, splash or two of vinegar, ~1tsp. salt and stir it all together.  I ate so many bowls of this this summer.

 Oven roasted tomatoes

 I baked lots of bread this summer and have stashed most of it in the freezer to use when things are busy... like now.

 The best burger... venison double decker burger with mayo, homegrown tomatoes, on a homemade potato wheat bun... with a side of roasted green beans. I wish I could eat this right now!

 The big garage clean out.  Before.

 Polly helped keep moral up.

 Charlotte organized the craft closet.

 And worked on teaching Polly "Hug".

 Much better
 We gave away a small pick up truck full of stuff. I love decluttering.

 Do Not Disturb sign in puppy language.

 One of the weekly garden deliveries I brought to my mom.

 A rare cool summer day required hammocks to be hung.

 Turns out that Polly loves a good hammock.

 Garden pasta

 We need to get some different sprinkles.  I guess it was Christmas in July.

 We ate a lot of granola this summer.

 I scored these awesome rubbermaid containers at a thrift shop for about $1 a piece!

 Homemade finger paints

 Oven roasted garden potatoes

 Late Summer Garden.  These pictures were taken at the start of August. I wish it still looked like this.

 I froze a lot of tomatoes this summer... whole with the skin on. I use an immersion blender to blend in the skins when making sauce. Saves lots of time.
 Charlotte found this dew covered spider web.
 They became very good garden helpers this summer.

 Lots of cinnamon rolls.

  I bagged up the extra to put in the freezer including bags of frosting.

 Homemade playdoh

 $5 worth of seeds never looked so good.

 The tomatoes were coming out of our ears so I got in the habit of bringing baskets of them with me wherever I went. The dentist's office and the library got baskets of tomatoes.

 Gotta love the library's "Fill A Bag For $1" book sale!

 Mr. Stripey tomatoes were my favorite of the season.
 The tomatoes were rolling in at a crazy rate.

 I'm not a great grower of corn. These tiny ears were delicious but the raccoon thought so too. I think we've decided that corn takes up too much space and the raccoons like it too much to grow it again next year.

 Meat and veggie hand pies to freeze for meals later.

 I did so much cooking and baking this summer that my sink seemed to always look like this.

 Donut muffins. Yum.

Pasta with cherry tomatoes.

Good bye summer. You were amazing. We miss you already.
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